Setting up a date with your escort

There are two parts to hiring an escort; the first is finding the right one and then setting up a date. Both of these tasks are difficult to some extent and they work hand in hand. Finding the right escort requires a high level of research. The easiest way to find an escort is through an agency online. Agencies are more trustworthy, especially those that have been in the business for a long time.  You also want to go for the agencies with fresh faces and advanced policies. is a great place to start when you are looking for an escort for the first time.  Once you have selected an escort, you should get all the information you need for communication.  The phone number is very important because you need to set up an appointment. The first call you makes should always be about the appointment. One pro tip is to never ask any questions about sex acts during the first call.

Calling the escort is an important task and will determine whether the deal is done or not. Always be prepared and professional when you are dealing with the escort over the phone.  You can always choose to be friendly and make the conversation more comfortable for both of you. The two way call system only works when you are the one meeting up with the escort. You should make a mutual agreement on where you should meet.  If you both agree to a certain place, that means you are comfortable meeting up in that location.  Make sure you have an open schedule to increase the likeliness of the appointment. Remember, the amount of time you spend with the escort determines the cost. The more time you spend the higher the cost. A typical date should e around one hour but if you can afford it you could spend more time than that.