Some Fun And Crazy Ideas To Do Adult Role Play

If you want to do some sexy and crazy things with your partner then you can do a role play which will makeyour sex life more interesting. The role play is quite popular and funny element to enjoy the sexual pleasure. If you are interested in wild sex with your partner then you canchoose the vampire theme for adult role play or you can also go for a BDSM gothic theme.

Various kinds of sexual roleplay

Age role play

In this type of role play, both the partners can become a person of specific age groups where one is trying to lure the other with his/her sexual acts to get involved in sex. In this, the man can be a middle aged persona and the girl can be a school teen girl. They can act as a school teacher and a student.

Animal role play

In these types of role play, one participant acts as an animal. Animal roleplay may be found in submissive relationship. This activityis also called as pet play. You can use some sex toys such as chain,butt plug,catsuit etc. in the roleplay.

Feminism role play

In this type of role play, the submissivepartner is dressed as a woman.The male partner wears the woman’s attire and also does themakeup. This is a more interesting roleplay if you choose.The submissive partner can chooseto dress up like a schoolgirl, maid, and secretary.

Master and slaverole play

In this roleplay, one partner can act as a slave and second as a master. It is quite interesting if you choose this role play. If you wish to get involved in BDSM then this theme is the best to choose to fulfill the sexual fantasy.This can be a more exciting and entertaining role play if you include the BDSM sex toys to have control on your partner.