Treating your menopause with sex toys

Most of us find discussing issues with our sex life unbearable and really uncomfortable except for the talk about sex after menopause. Women have to deal with night sweats, constant hot flashes, and some physical issue which makes it difficult to cope especially when it comes to sexual activities. When there is no longer production of oestrogen in our bodies, we start to experience problems that completely ruin out sexual desires and change sexual physical needs. One of the first complaints that is common among women who are experiencing menopause is the dry feeling once the menopause starts kicking in. This is mainly due to the decline of the oestrogen levels; it makes the virginal lining thinner and less elastic. You can treat this condition with some water based lubricant. Sometimes this may not work and the doctor may prescribe some oestrogen treatment which may help restore some moisture to the area.

Another common complaint from people who are suffering from menopause is that sex is painful; which is also a result of low oestrogen levels.  Again, you can try using a lubricant but that may not be so useful in most cases. Recently, doctors and sex specialists have found that vibrators seem to reduce and in some cases eliminate this symptom of menopause. Some vibrators improve the elasticity and moisture production in your vagina, which means you will not need any artificial treatments for the problem. Friendly hostility has a variety of vibrators that can help you achieve an improved sexual life during menopause. Keep in mind that due to the old age, both of you could have sexual issues brought about by medical issue so it is important to take your time and discover what will work for you both. There are many times you will want to give up, but patience is the key when you do not have many options to choose from.